Shaving a Pug

Yes.  I said it.  Shaving a Pug.  Its something that is catching on now.  Even with the invention of the Schticky, Pug Hair Syndrome is something that bothers the owners of these delightful dogs to no end.  And especially if you like dark clothes, everyone you meet will be able to identify you as a Pug owner.

Most people have never considered this idea.  One of the reasons for buying a Pug is that they don't "need" grooming, like a poodle or shih tzu would.  But just because they don't "need" it doesn't mean it is a bad idea.

Now, with this technique, you can reduce the nuisance shedding of Pugs to almost Zero.  Yes, I said it.  Almost Zero! 

We bathe and blow dry the pup, do the nails, paws, glands and ears, and then run the clippers backwards to lift the hairs and clip them off, leaving just a soft, felt like coat.  This lasts, depending on the dog, 3 to 6 months.  And once you start seeing those pesky hairs on everything, give us a call and we'll do it again.

Another After:
Most of our customers who do this once, repeat it again and again.  They love the freedom from lint pickers, sticky tape rolls, and the Schticky.  And the dogs seem to love it too.  And its not like that little bit of hair we shaved off was keeping them warm anyways, you're still going to put their little custom made coats on in the winter

Cost to shave (inc bath, nails, etc):  $50 +tax. 

Not having to deal with Pug Hair Syndrome:  Priceless

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